Environmental Audit

We help to improve the environmental performance of your company, and map weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

What is analyzed in an environmental audit?

The comprehensive environmental audit includes the analysis of:

  • General data on the production process, flow of materials, products, waste and energy.
  • Existing environmental management system, and records.
  • Existing environmental permits and its validity.
  • Storage of chemical and hazardous products, permits, inspections.
  • Annualized consumption of raw materials and energy.
  • Gaseous emissions from stationary sources, permits.
  • Company vehicle data, fuel consumption.
  • Waste generation, permits, records.
  • Generation of liquid effluents.
  • Sound levels.
  • Inventories of odor sources.
  • Data on recorded environmental incidents.
  • Sweep of applicable environmental regulations to detect breaches and bridge gaps.

Why conduct an environmental audit?

The environmental audit is a tool for the company to improve its environmental performance, simplify its regulatory compliance, and incorporate new elements of sustainability that allow it to compete in increasingly demanding markets.

Work methodology

  • Review of the documentation provided by the company.
  • On-site audit: tour of the facilities and verification of compliance with requirements. Review of additional documentation such as certificates, ratings and registrations, presentations to organizations, specific manuals, notifications and minutes of other organizations.
  • Preparation of the draft Audit Report.
  • Report presentation meeting: summary of findings, proposals for action.
  • Presentation of the final report, including the agreed action plan.

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