Environmental Impact Assessment

At PlanEHS we specialize in the preparation of Environmental and Social Impact Studies for infrastructure projects

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Multidisciplinary team

PlanEHS has a multidisciplinary professional team – including engineers, architects, lawyers, biologists and sociologists.

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Proven experience in infrastructure projects

PlanEHS professionals have experience in ESIA of infrastructure programs and projects up to US$ 320 million.

Conformance to international standards

We prepare studies in compliance with the environmental and social standards of international organizations (World Bank ESF, IDB, IFC, AFD, Equator Principles).

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Our multidisciplinary team of professionals has proven experience in environmental impact assessment of programs and projects of up to US$ 320 million.

We have tools for advanced studies, including:

  • Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Use of adaptive approaches to risk management in the construction, operation and project closure phases
  • Incorporation of climate planning criteria (resilience, vulnerability to natural disasters, climate risk, emission reduction)

How it works

Step 1. Start

Contact us to learn more about your project and issue a quote.

Step 2. Environmental and Social Assessment

Survey of the project area. Complementary studies (soils, water, biodiversity baseline, etc.).

Step 3. Preparation of the Study

Preparation of the Environmental Impact Study. Revision.

Step 4. Public Consultation

olding of public consultations, when required by the regulations. Final of the Environmental and Social Impact Study and the Environmental and Social Management Plan.

Step 5. Final Study

Incorporation of the results of the Public Consultation in the Study. Issuance of the final version study.

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